Frequently Asked Questions

  • Health coaches work with individuals in a client-centered process to facilitate and empower the individual to develop and achieve self-determined health and wellness goals.
  • Health coaches support individuals to mobilize internal strengths and external resources. They support their clients to develop self-management strategies to make healthy lifestyle and behavior changes.
  • Health coaches do not diagnose conditions, prescribe medical treatments, or provide psychological interventions. However, they may provide guidance in areas within their scope of practice and credentials. They may offer resources from nationally recognized authorities.
  • Health coaches assist individuals to utilize their insight, personal strengths and available resources. They guide individuals in setting goals, taking the right action steps and upholding accountability.

Some of the reasons people work with a Health Coach include:

  • Confusion from the mixed messages about wellness and nutrition; not knowing what is right for my body.
  • Fad and yoyo dieting fatigue.
  • Food choices and dietary patterns based on time constraints and speed rather than health.
  • Unable to prepare your own meals due to schedule...but wishing you could.
  • Knowing you could step into your best life, vibrant energy, and optimal wellness by eating clean, but life's stressors are in your way.
  • Knowing what you need to do for your health, but need a jumpstart to begin.

A health coaching program is built on a series of consecutive sessions. The sessions include motivational interviewing, in which the individual is empowered by their own motivators and intentions right from the start. We explore not only the how, but the why.

We begin by creating a Wellness Vision, which serves a roadmap to get you where you want to be with your health and wellness. This vision serves as an anchor throughout the program. Like any journey, there may be bumps along the way, and I will be your champion as you navigate these hurdles as you make progress.

Typically, action steps decided on and implemented between each appointment. The program builds upon your Wellness Vision, action steps, forming habits and discovery as you step into your desired outcomes for your health. It’s my wish that you find happiness and ease each day as you make progress!

Get curious! Become a discoverer! Start by taking a genuine interest in your well-being. Having the desire to cultivate the necessary skills is the first step on your journey towards optimal health and happiness.

Take it to the next level by learning about the diverse selection of delicious and nutritious plant-based foods. You’ll become even more motivated once you begin seeing the results and feel amazing from the inside out.

Eating clean and preparing plant-based meals do not have to be a chore nor an added expense. It’s just like prioritizing what’s important in your life. It's worth it! Once you start to experience the benefits, you’ll learn ways to be a savvy, economical plant-based shopper.

You will be guided on how to shop save, how to dine out, be plant-based on vacation or on the go, so it all becomes second nature.

If you maintain the right habits from the beginning, it is relatively easy. Maintaining a plant-based diet is all about knowledge and practice. Adapting a plant-based diet will introduce you to different types of food.

You’ll realize that it’s not about replacing everything you used to eat or what you can’t eat. It’s about enriching your diet with a diverse selection of plant-based choices.

Eventually, it will become natural to you. You’ll enjoy it more once you start looking and feeling great.

There is no right approach for everyone since each person is different. Easing into a vegan diet is ideal for some individuals. It takes time to learn about your options and the ways to set up plant-based meals.

Initially, you might have different cravings or energy levels. If you don’t transition into this diet correctly, you might end up a “junk food vegan” with a love of fries, chips, and Oreos.

Those who are more familiar with the vegan lifestyle could dive right in. We’ll discover the right approach for you during our coaching.

If you have concerns, always consult your primary care physician about your dietary changes. Read the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics statement on plant-based diets.