Empowering you through health and wellness coaching.

Empowering you through health and wellness coaching.


Coaching sessions are available remotely via Zoom or by phone.

There’s a vast variety of food choices available on a plant-based diet that fulfills the essential nutritional needs, such as protein, fiber, and powerful micro-nutrients, as well as all the ingredients for creating flavorful, diverse, and clean meals. 

Maybe you're on the fence, but feeling ready to make the shift! You are wondering what that looks like for your busy lifestyle. Are you worried about making the right choices to fuel your day? Or are you a junk-food-vegan who needs to get back on track with balanced meals? This health coaching program address your wellness concerns and goals, while focusing on implementing or improving a plant-based dietary path that works for you and your lifestyle. 

Reset, reboot, and get back on track with the Essentially You health coaching program. This program is ideal for individuals whose healthy habits have derailed and it's now time to redirect yourself back to balance. And a perfect relaunch of habits that have worked for you in the past have become hard to access due to daily stressors or a life-changing event.    

Essentially You is designed for those who want to try a comprehensive dietary and lifestyle approach to establish everyday balance and vitality, or address a specific wellness goal. 

Have you struggled to do a trendy cleanse only to find yourself hangry and unsettled upon completion? What if you could simply add cleansing foods to your diet and still feel the benefits of increased energy, better sleep, and improved digestion? We don't have to go to extremes to eat clean!

The Eat to Cleanse health coaching program guides you to incorporate healing and cleansing foods into your diet for everyday benefits. As you build this dietary skill, you will develop your own go-to dietary remedies to recharge and reset.

This health coaching program is a total self-care reboot and recharge​, customized to address your wellness concerns, all while launching a plant-based dietary path. The plant-based approach can help you lose weight, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation and double your energy.

This 90-day program is ideal for those who feel depleted and unable to experience the essential and joyful aspects of their lives. You will be guided to enjoy food both as a source of nourishment and pleasure, nurture more love and respect for your body, and rise to a new level of confidence and engagement with your life. Get ready to glow from the inside out!


George, San Francisco

This health coaching program was the push I needed to become vegan, and it hasn’t been hard to do. I’m not missing dairy or egg products. I’m also not as intimidated by nutrition, whereas before I was so numbers-oriented and restrictive. I learned that it doesn’t have to be like that, and I don’t have to be so hard on myself. As a result of the Plant Integration program, I’ve been slimming down a little bit and have really diversified the food I eat, so I don’t have to eat the same things every day.

Susan is a great listener to the current issues you’re facing. The conversations were free flowing, and I didn’t feel guilted or shamed for some of my bad habits, or slipups I made during the process. Susan is very positive, and it made it more of an enjoyable experience. She gave a great overview of how to make a vegan lifestyle a very doable one.

Timothy, Brooklyn

As a result of the Plant-Integration Program, I’ve been cooking more and improving my skills with new recipes. It’s been a therapeutic activity, and I’m learning that I’m better at it than I thought I was. I also like how I’m measuring out portions more rather than eyeballing it and potentially going overboard. I've lost 10 lbs. with mindful eating and portion control.

Kyle, San Francisco

I really liked how Susan asked the right questions and guided me to identify my motivators and desired outcomes.

Michael, Boston

I feel like the coaching sessions left me in a great position for continuing my plant-based journey. I made a lot of changes much more quickly than I expected and I feel that I am well set on my path. Thank you so much for all the help you have provided. I could not have done this without you!

Lauren, Manhattan

I had wanted to go plant-based for a long time, but I didn’t know where to start and did not feel confident. The Plant Integration program cleared up any confusion or fears I had about being nourished on a plant-based diet. I discovered that I didn't have to depend on processed vegan foods to go plant-based. Susan’s support not only made the transition easeful and enjoyable, but I feel like I started my plant-based path on the right foot, while addressing my top health and wellness goals along the way.

Michele, Manhattan

I wanted support in creating a dietary lifestyle of clean, whole, plant-based foods. I didn’t want to keep going on and off diets to lose weight, which I did for years. The Essentially You program supported me to understand what to eat for my unique body, which foods give me energy, and which foods deplete me.

Carly, Brooklyn

I’m so happy I found Green Beat Life and Susan! She is patient and really listens. I learned plant-based hacks and mindful approaches for eating out, social events, travel, and the unexpected, so my dietary path didn't get derailed. I never had the time until now to stop and understand how stress and food are related. Coaching allowed me to have the space to explore this with no judgement. Susan guided me to understand my relationship with food in the best possible way.

Sasha, Queens

Susan's guidance and support taught me more than I ever expected! She has also prepared me for my dietary and wellness path to take into the future for preventive health.

Maria, Manhattan

I needed a complete dietary and wellness uhaul! I wanted to go plant-based, but I also wanted to work on a long-term plan for my health and wellness, and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. The Plant-Based Body Total Transformation program was the perfect solution. I got to my goal weight with even a few pounds less that I set out to lose. I didn’t feel I was on a diet, but rather created my own joyful dietary path. Susan was a great coach and champion along the way! Thank you, Susan!

Ariana, Miami

It's really important to me to be heard and understood, and Susan did, from day one and throughout my coaching program. Thank you for listening!

Robert, Nashville

I am so grateful that you have been a huge part of the process for me in being able to hand the stress, and the twists and turns that life throws at you. The tools the Essentially You program provided and the knowledge and support you provided enabled me to be a better person and to be able to better adapt to certain situations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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