Susan TuckerSusan Tucker is the founder of Green Beat Life, LLC, an integrative nutrition counseling practice.

Susan is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she earned certification in Nutrition Counseling and Health Coaching.  She is certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation, administered by Cornell University and has completed the Culinary Nutrition certificate program at the Natural Gourmet Institute.  During her training, Susan studied over 100 dietary theories and methods, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts.  Her education has equipped her with extensive knowledge in nutrition counseling and preventive health.  Drawing on these skills and knowledge, and her own successful and dedicated dietary journey, she works with clients to help them make the nutritional and dietary lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.

Susan has contributed nutrition advice and tips to online publications of Glamour, Mashable, Beautyhigh, LoveToKnow, ExpertBeacon, Eatthis, the New York Daily News Living and Health section, Vocativ, and Respect and
dividerI was born and raised in New York City, and as a child, spent summers on Cape Cod. One of my earliest memories is walking through the vegetable garden in my backyard and finding things to munch on like green beans, cucumbers and sweet tomatoes.  In the early fall, the corn grew way above me!  I rejoiced in knowing this fresh produce would be on my plate for those delicious summer and early autumn meals.  Little did I know what a huge impression those veggies would have on my life!

In more recent years, I found myself swept away by corporate culture and quite out of sorts.  My dietary lifestyle was often unbalanced and hard to control.   As a result of eating under extreme stress, eating out or consuming take-out at my desk everyday and grabbing a quick meal on-the-go, I began to have my own aches and pains.  A fascination grew in me about the way people were eating, what people were eating each day, and the many habits, ailments and challenges, both physical and emotional, that arose due to food.  I started to prepare my own meals at home with fresh foods, and bring them to work each day, including snacks.  It naturally became part of my weekly routine.  The time I thought I did not have to prepare my own meals, was suddenly born out of the fundamental necessity and desire to feel well, and there was space.

I consider eating well and clean an essential life skill that I practice and cultivate each day. I support my clients to experience this as well.  I have been a successful and healthy vegetarian for 30+ years and I’m well versed in easy, delicious and diverse plant-based cuisine and food choices. I chose a practice in the field of nutrition because of my passion for living the optimal life and the process of striving for that.  I’m amazed every day at the opportunity the earth has provided for us to optimize our health and well-being through whole, fresh foods.  I love the culinary arts and the connection they bring us to ourselves, to our friends and loved ones, our communities and our planet.

What are your nutrition and dietary goals and interests?  Contact me to schedule a 20-minute complimentary consultation.

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