Mission Statement

Green Beat Life, LLC supports people with a genuine interest in health through nutrition to develop the knowledge and skills they need to cultivate a dietary lifestyle that brings vibrant health and happiness …

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The name Green Beat Life reflects both a heart that is healthy from plant-based nutrition, and a heart that lives with the consciousness that wise food choices support our planet and the environment.

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My Approach

With an integrative approach to diet and wellness, Green Beat Life, LLC offers comprehensive nutrition and health coaching programs designed for you to make the optimal choices to reach your wellness goals and accompany your lifestyle.

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Nutrition and health coaching is a process of collaborative action.  As we work together, you will develop a deeper understanding of how to navigate your dietary path, overcome your challenges and implement lasting changes to improve your energy, balance and wellness as a whole.

My approach is not to dwell on lists of restrictions, nor obsess over calculations and numbers.  I empower you to increase your resources for change and sustainability on your dietary journey.  I work with my clients to learn what they can eat in alignment with their wellness goals, and co-create a dietary life that is natural, fun and rewarding.

©2015 Green Beat Life, LLC


How can I get inspired to improve my health through proper nutrition?                             

Approach eating well as an essential life skill and consider it the key to sustaining good health and preventing …

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…disease in the future. Simply having a genuine interest in health through nutrition and the desire to develop the habits you need is the first step on the path to vibrant health and happiness.  Get interested! You deserve it and your health, now and in the future, depends on it.

How do I know if nutrition counseling and health coaching is for me?                                       You will certainly benefit if you are want to turn your wellness needs and goals into tangible skills and habits, and create a vibrant dietary lifestyle. Having a coach is action-centered and your accountability will be engaging and alive on your road to success.  Food and diet connect to almost every element of our lives and coaching empowers you to take a look and see where you can make better choices anywhere food is challenging for you.  Being supported through the peaks and valleys of dietary and lifestyle adjustments is vital to success.

If you are tired of fad and/or yoyo dieting; if you are confused by nutrition marketing by the media; if you choose foods based on speed rather than health; if your love of cooking has been ignored by your busy lifestyle; if you want to eat well and clean but don’t know where to begin; if you have an ailment that you know could be remedied by eating better – then this is for you!

Isn’t healthy eating expensive and time consuming?                  Eating clean and preparing healthy meals does not have to be a chore nor an added expense.  It’s just like planning for other things in your life that you consider a priority.  With simple strategies and time management you can enjoy fresh vibrant meals and snacks made straight from your own kitchen and your own loving hands or bring savvy awareness to making wise meal choices while eating out. Whether you eat at home, at your work desk or on-the-go, after some practice, it becomes second nature and a money saver as well.

Is it hard to be a on a plant-based diet?               As with anything else, it’s a matter of knowledge. Then it’s quite easy! There is a vast and wide variety of food choices available within a plant-based diet that fulfill the essential nutritional needs, such as protein, fiber, and all the micronutrients.  Plant-based diets have many variations, based on one’s needs and inclinations. More and more people adapting a diet that is by majority, plant- based, because of the proven beneficial affects on health and wellness, and for some, the importance of environmental impact.

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" I lost weight safely and naturally, AND enjoyed it! I’m so much more aware of portion control." Maya, Event Planner

" I enjoyed discovering the wide world of plant-based cuisine. I feel great!" Michael, Sports Blogger

" Susan’s step by step approach allowed me to look closely at where my dietary pit falls were, and I didn't feel overwhelmed." Helene, Executive Assistant

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